Top Overwatch 2 support heroes ranked

Top Overwatch 2 support heroes ranked

Top Overwatch 2 support heroes ranked

I am looking for greatest Overwatch 2 assist heroes? With the brand new 5v5 workforce composition change in Overwatch 2, it is tougher for assist heroes to outlive because the workforce has just one tank to guard them. Help gamers are extra susceptible, however they’ve a brand new passive potential to assist them, which suggests they’ll now robotically heal after leaving the battle for a number of seconds.

In our checklist of the perfect Overwatch 2 assist heroes, we contemplate how every assist performs by itself and never as a part of a customized comp. Finally, they should heal, strengthen, and profit different gamers. Thankfully, there are extra alternatives to run across the map in Overwatch 2 giving assist heroes an opportunity to put sieges and dive into fight. One of the best Overwatch 2 DPS heroes and the perfect tanks in your workforce.

Earlier than we get into that, we have additionally compiled an Overwatch 2 tier checklist with our prime meta picks for every position. Additionally, if you happen to’re nonetheless making an attempt to resolve which position most closely fits your sport, take a look at our Overwatch 2 position information that can assist you select your most important position.

Prime Overwatch 2 assist heroes:

  • Lucio
  • Kiriko
  • Brigitte
  • mother
  • baptist
  • Zenyatta
  • moira
  • Mercy


With yet another tank lacking, it appears like there’s loads of room for agile heroes within the meta, and Lúcio can take full benefit of utilizing his velocity buffs and Wall Trip passive. Mobility is essential for assist heroes and Lúcio is a velocity demon.

Lúcio already had the power to dodge hazard immediately, however his new passive potential for assist heroes means he is all the time always current on the battlefield, buzzing across the enemy like an annoying bee. It is also a lot, far more versatile than a number of the different boosters, so Lucio is a good alternative if you happen to’re taking part in solo.


Kiriko is the primary assist hero particularly designed for Overwatch 2’s meta, so his rise within the meta is not all that shocking.

Why is it being marketed a lot? Ofuda papers and Guard Suzu present stable therapeutic output, are tremendous cell with teleporting and wall climbing talents, his kunai gives large injury potential even at lengthy vary, and his ult can blow up defenses if timed proper. Admittedly, it’s extremely tough to make use of successfully, but when you will get the Suzu timing, motion, and total goal prioritization proper, it is a superb enhance.


What do you do when there is just one tank? Settle down, deliver Brigitte the following neatest thing. It may well present loads of therapeutic energy to close by allies, supplied you need to use the rocket swing successfully, however it might additionally rush to make a push and deal loads of injury up shut. His Protect Bash is arguably even higher in Overwatch 2, regardless of dropping its stun – it should now immediately set off Encourage, dealing far more injury and puncturing different shields.

Best Overwatch 2 support heroes: Ana who takes aim with her biological rifle


One other assist hero that takes benefit of biotic talents is Ana, our final choose on this checklist. It comes with all kinds of instruments, from the Biotic Rifle and Sleep Dart to the Biotic Grenade – all of which can assist Ana maintain her distance whereas dealing efficient injury. It is not as quick as others like Lúcio, however it makes up for the place it drops in different areas.

Ana’s Biotic Grenade doubles as a therapeutic denial device and is ideal for coordinated groups as you’ll be able to goal which heroes you need to take down. A well-timed Sleep Dart can fully cease an assault, and Ana’s Nano Increase can flip the tide of battle, growing injury dealt to a single goal by 50% whereas taking much less injury from assaults. With so many instruments at his disposal, a great Ana has the potential to significantly affect the end result of a match.


With the appropriate place and a great choice maker on the helm, Baptiste can present ample therapeutic, injury and profit. Gravity boots are nice for gaining a bonus and will let you make higher calls together with your utility, however since they’re all the time accessible, they will also be used to dodge hero talents like Earth Shatter. He additionally has a short lived immortality potential that may successfully counter a variety of ultimates.


Individually, Zenyatta generally is a devastating pressure of nature that may flip the tide of battle, however provided that you’ll be able to leverage all of her potential injury and therapeutic output. Downloading an Orb of Discord and chasing it with a loaded Orb of Destruction can hit some heroes directly, however even if you happen to spam it to the enemy’s tank, you will nonetheless be giving your workforce a large injury enhance. Help talents are straightforward to deploy, so they are not only for expert gamers, however get some apply with their damaging orbs and you may make the omnic monk an actual menace.

Best Overwatch 2 support heroes: Moira holds a purple orb in her right hand and a yellow orb in her left


Moira is one other Overwatch 2 enhance that hasn’t modified from the unique. He’s a frontline assist hero who can absolutely heal allies in a matter of seconds, devour enemies to maintain himself alive, throw an orb that may heal allies. And deal injury to enemies on the similar time and if issues get too heavy, run to the again line.

In comparison with different heroes, Moira’s survivability is arguably the perfect within the sport. His Fade potential provides him a second to be briefly invincible, permitting him to keep away from any harmful scenario he finds himself in whereas taking a second to make use of this all-important passive therapeutic. Moira’s Combiner final fires a long-range beam to heal allies and likewise injury enemies she passes by way of.

It is very straightforward to make use of, however the draw back is that its equipment is fairly primary and you do not have a lot to supply your workforce aside from well being.


Paradoxically, Mercy was brutally nerfed in Overwatch 2, and a part of the issue is that it has much less of a tank in its pocket and barely much less verticality in OW2’s hero design. Nevertheless, it pairs extraordinarily properly with Pharah and Sojourn, so the pocket tactic nonetheless applies to Mercy in Overwatch 2.

And these are the perfect Overwatch 2 assist heroes. We even have an inventory of all the brand new Overwatch 2 maps in case you are not following the information, and a whole checklist of all of the Overwatch 2 characters and talents that can assist you discover your manner.

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