The Nightmare Harvester Returns! | never winter

The Nightmare Harvester Returns!  |  never winter

The Nightmare Harvester Returns! | never winter

Greetings, Adventurers!

The nightmares return when the mysterious creature referred to as the Nightmare Harvester arrives as soon as once more to feast on the stressed goals of the sleeping residents of the Protector’s Enclave. A bunch of Vistani from distant Barovia, led by the mysterious Madame Eva, comply with his arrival with the purpose of driving Harvester again earlier than he can demand extra victims. To do that, Vistani enlists the assistance of adventurers desperate to tackle this darkish menace.

Stressed sleep begins Thursday, November 17 at 7:30 PT

Get up from nightmares at 7:30 PT on Thursday, December 8

A creature of fairy origin, Harvester inhabits the Nightmare Realm, however solely assaults when provoked. To get the beast out, adventurers should enter the beast’s kingdom to clear the nightmares that hang-out the goals of sleeping Neverwintans. Doing so starves the Harvester till he has no alternative however to assault intruding adventurers. Adventurers will want at the very least 18,000 Merchandise Stage to take part on this occasion. Observe: The occasion may be accomplished on any character that meets the minimal necessities, however each day quest can solely be finished as soon as per account per day.

Harvester turns goals into nightmares so he may be fed. Because of this, Nightmare Realm typically seems as a darkish reflection of a spot the place the dreamer feels secure. This time round, the Nightmare Zone is much like the places across the Protector’s Enclave.

Clearing nightmares is finished by beating a sequence of arena-style encounters that culminate in a struggle with a nightmare model of an present boss monster. Defeated adventurers return to the Enclave to obtain each day rewards. If adventurers wish to clear extra nightmares, you are able to do so by taking one other quest and queuing as much as assist different nightmare explorers.

Just like the Hell Pit, Harvester of Nightmares is a relationship occasion that rewards the person with forex that can be utilized to buy valuables.


The occasion retailer will comprise three sections, every containing gadgets bought with completely different tokens obtained primarily based on participation: Participation Token, Problem Token, and Achievement Token.

For an in depth description of every retailer reward and necessities, please take a look at the Appointment Occasion weblog.

Are you prepared for the mission to destroy the Harvester of Nightmares?

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