The best Honkai Star Rail Dan Heng build

The best Honkai Star Rail Dan Heng build

The best Honkai Star Rail Dan Heng build

In search of the perfect Dan Heng construct? Dan Heng, the normally reserved and extra severe member of the Pioneers, finds himself within the archives of the Astral Categorical. Do not let his bland character idiot you, he is a DPS beast. Geared up with a winged mast arm, Dan Heng controls the ingredient of wind to assist his assaults. Any improve or ability path must be based mostly on the flexibility to deal harm and make the most of enemies with low wind resistance.

In case you’re searching for a tier checklist of the perfect characters to accompany Dan Heng on Honkai Star Rail, or if you wish to give attention to getting the perfect builds in your crew, we might help. Our intensive analysis and time within the sport covers all the pieces from character builds to greatest crew composition and the places of supplies and chests.

What’s Dan Heng’s greatest construct?

Finest Dan Heng construct:

  • Cone of Mild – Solely Silence Stays (four-star)
  • Ruins – Twilight Eagle (4 items)
  • Eidolon – Roaring Dragon and Rising Solar (fourth stage)
  • Planar Decorations – House Sealing Station (two elements)

For the perfect Honkai Star Rail Dan Heng construct, we wish to focus closely on the harm he offers via his entry to varied buffs. At the beginning of the subsequent battle, you may wish to maintain his buffs collectively and give attention to utilizing the Splitting Spear Head approach as typically as potential, as he will increase his assault by 40% for 3 turns.

Top build for Dan Heng makes the most of his offensive skills

Finest Dan Heng Mild Cones

Mild Cone Impact
Solely Silence Stays (four-star) Will increase Dan Heng’s assault by 16%. Will increase essential price by 12% if there are two or fewer enemies on the sector.
Subscribe for extra! (4 stars) Will increase the harm of the consumer’s fundamental assault and ability by 24%. This impact is elevated by an additional 24% when the consumer’s present power reaches its most stage.
Darting Arrow (three-star) When the consumer defeats an enemy, it will increase the assault by 24% for 3 turns.

There are three cones of sunshine that work effectively with Dan Heng, and all of them can solely be used via the gacha mechanic. Every of those cones of sunshine focuses on growing assault harm with a follow-up buff ought to the battlefield require it. Going solely with Remnants of Silence permits Dan Heng to stack extra harm, however extra importantly, the essential price increase is nice for bosses as they normally combat alone by assembly the buff standards.

Finest Dan Heng Relics

Finest Stays for Dan Heng:

Residue Impact
Twilight Eagle Line After utilizing Dan Heng’s final, his motion is elevated by 25%.
Musketeer of the Wild Wind Dan Heng’s pace is elevated by 6% and his fundamental assault energy is elevated by 10%.

Ensuring Dan Heng is carrying the appropriate relics will give him buffs to the harm and pace he offers. There are two units that can give the appropriate buffs, but it surely’s value remembering that these relics might be upgraded with relic supplies that can improve fundamental stats like assault, HP, protection and demanding harm.

Elevated wind harm bolsters Dan Heng’s Cloudlancer Artwork: North Wind and Cloudlancer Artwork: Torrent, each based mostly on its wind ingredient. Stacking these harm boosts makes him a putting heavyweight.

Finest Dan Heng Planar Ornaments

Finest Dan Heng Planar Decoration:

planar decoration Impact
House Shutdown Station Will increase the consumer’s assault by 12%. When the consumer’s pace reaches 120 or larger, the consumer’s assault is elevated by an extra 12%.

By specializing in growing Dan Heng’s assault as a passive results of his pace growing, his capacity to hit arduous and quick solely retains growing.

Top build for Dan Heng makes the most of his offensive skills

The Finest Dan Heng Eidolons

Finest Eidolons for Dan Heng:

eidolon Impact
Roaring Dragon and Rising Solar (fourth stage) Each time Dan Heng makes use of his final to defeat an enemy, his subsequent motion advances 100%.

As you proceed to stage up Dan Heng’s Eidolons, you may slowly apply buffs and stat boosts, maybe dashing up your greatest Eidolon’s capacity to maneuver once more in fight. In fact, that is the place luck turns into a giant issue if you happen to stick to the free-to-play route, as you may want just a few Dan Heng pulls to unlock these locks.

Dan Heng Ascension Supplies

The Ascension Supplies for Dan Heng are:

  • Extinct Core
  • Shimmer Core
  • The Writhing Core
  • Eye of the Storm

You will want many supplies to enhance Dan Heng’s stage, expertise and tracks. Every of those areas requires totally different substances, which might be discovered as rewards from outlets and bowls. We might help you observe materials positions to rapidly maximize grinding time and Dan Heng.

Your Dan Heng construct will need to have been an incredible member of the Trailblazers by now. Working extraordinarily effectively with our greatest Natasha construct, the duo can simply take down most enemies. We have additionally scoured the world for the most recent Honkai Star Rail codes that will help you stage up your crew.

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