RIP to this short-lived Destiny 2 Legendary Shard cheese

RIP to this short-lived Destiny 2 Legendary Shard cheese

RIP to this short-lived Destiny 2 Legendary Shard cheese

A Future 2 Legendary Shard cheese Permitting you to disassemble Guardian Video games gear items from 2022 for a bigger output than you paid for, this was instantly disabled by Bungie, taken away Destiny 2 a possibility for gamers to earn limitless Legendary Shards and Glitter in Bungie’s space-themed FPS.

Legendary Shards are a significant forex in Future 2 and are required for any in-game motion like engram focusing and armor upgrades. Whereas gamers can earn these items from random loot drops, hardcore grinders or those that desire to stack weapons might not all the time have further of their stock.

Cheese, which wasn’t technically an exploit however apparently made use of an in-game mechanic to generate a much bigger return than Bungie supposed, solely labored if gamers had a gear from the 2022 Guardian Video games.

Gamers can navigate to their collections after which the armor tab the place they’ll choose the Occasions choice. They’ll then swipe to discover a class merchandise for any Future 2 class that claims “Medal” inside, indicating they gained in the course of the 2022 Guardian Video games. In alternate for 777 Glimmer, they’ll get a duplicate of that armor piece. This quantity represents an ongoing “obsession” in opposition to quantity seven, because it seems repeatedly in lots of Bungie’s video games and paperwork, and even represents Bungie Day on July 7 yearly.

Since they may smash every shard for 4 Legendary Fragments and 250 Glitters, it was briefly doable to gather and disassemble as lots of them as they needed so long as that they had the Glimmer. Whilst you’ll run right into a Glimmer scarcity doing this, buying 10,000 Glimmers from Rahoul, a vendor within the Tower, solely prices 10 Legendary Shards, thus offering gamers with an limitless provide of Legendary Fragments and Glimmers.

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When dismantling shards, gamers would additionally rank up with the sport’s Gunsmith, permitting them to earn much more weapons to disassemble for Glimmer and Legendary Shards.

Sadly, when information about cheese started to unfold, Bungie rapidly realized and disabled its skill to acquire the loot items wanted to reap the benefits of the cheese.

The official Bungie Assist Twitter account tweeted hours after gamers disclosed the vulnerability: “As a result of a problem, now we have disabled the flexibility to re-acquire 2022 Guardian Video games class objects from Collections.”

RIP to this short-lived Destiny 2 Legendary Shard cheese: A tweet from Bungie explaining that the company has disabled the ability to retrieve the item in question due to cheese.

At the very least some folks have been capable of replenish on elements and Glitter, and whereas Future 2 season 21 is coming quick, we hope they dwell lengthy and use that cash to get the perfect multiplayer weapons and armor out there.

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