New Products in Zen Market!

New Products in Zen Market!

New Products in Zen Market!

With Nitocris | Tue 8 November 2022 10:06:22 PST

New gadgets to progress by way of the brand new Northdark Reaches module can be found within the Zen Market!

Darkish Vendor Bundle – Put together to defend Neverwinter with a brand new title, artifact, set and extra! This bundle consists of:

  • The Sovereign’s Sporestaff
  • Darkish Vendor title
  • Darkish Vendor’s Style Set (Hat, Armor, Pants)
  • Bigger Buff Fragment x3
  • Well being Stone
  • Tarmalune Buying and selling Rods x 200

Pal of the Darkish Salesman – At all times attempting to make a revenue…

Enterprise Key Bundle – The Enterprise Hat Choice Pack, which incorporates an enchanted keychain of 20 keys and one of many following:

  • Enterprise Merc’s Chapeau
  • Enterprise Zealot Chapel
  • Enterprise Warrior Chapel
  • Fury of Flames
  • Demon Sensitivity
  • Flexibility of Depths
  • Demonic Empowerment
  • Brimstone Trench
  • Unholy Safety

Reaching Northdark Service Pack – Get a head begin on the Northdark Reaches Marketing campaign. This bundle consists of:

  • Bregan D’aerthe Pin x200
  • Myconid Hunter x2
  • Myconid Ward x2
  • Drow Hunter x2
  • Drow Ward x2
  • Underdark Ambush x2
  • Well being Stone
  • Combiner Mote

Holding Case – 72 slots – A bag greater inside than exterior!

Sharandar & Path of the Fallen Marketing campaign Purchases


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