Limited Time Items at Zen Market!

Limited Time Items at Zen Market!

Limited Time Items at Zen Market!

With Nitocris | Fri 21 Oct 2022 07:25:00 PDT

Adventurers wish to costume up as Halaster Blackcloak for this yr’s Masquerade? The right accent is now out there on the Zen Marketplace for a restricted time: Halaster’s Inexperienced Whirlwind mount!

For many who wish to seem divine or demonic, Fallen Packs and Divine Follower will even be out there throughout this time. Moreover, Photographs of Corn, Moon, and Roots shall be within the Zen Market all through the Masquerade occasion.

Mount & Packs seems on Friday, October 21 at 7:30 PT

Mount & Packs disappear at 7:30 PT on Friday, November 4

The Divine Follower Pack consists of:

  • Divine Follower title
  • Glowing Halo head slot transformation
  • 5x Risky Holy Water
  • Blessed Cloak of Divine Transformation

Fallen Pack consists of:

  • fallen title
  • Depraved Horns head slot conversion
  • 5x Risky Holy Water
  • Marked Cloak of the Fallen transformation


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