Destiny 2 Lightfall Calus boss fight – How do I beat Calus?

Destiny 2 Lightfall Calus boss fight - How do I beat Calus?

Destiny 2 Lightfall Calus boss fight – How do I beat Calus?

Questioning How do I beat the Calus boss battle in Future 2 Lightfall?? You are not alone. New gamers and seasoned Guardians alike battle with The Witness’s unstable disciple, because it requires a good quantity of talent and agility, whether or not you are enjoying on Regular or Legendary problem. Fortuitously, we will inform you precisely the way to beat it. We’ll break down the 2 phases of the battle with suggestions and techniques for every, in addition to solutions to your weapons and construct.

The battle in opposition to Calus Destiny 2 Lightfall would require highly effective motion abilities, highly effective weapons and a few luck. Nonetheless, no matter your talent stage, you should use the Future 2 Strand subclass in FPS to topple the disgraced emperor with a number of cheeky strikes. Here is what you should do.

Learn how to beat the Calus boss battle in Future 2 Lightfall?

The design of the Calus boss battle clearly encourages you to make use of the Strand, as there are many locations to grapple within the enviornment. All through this battle, make use of trench and grapple talents that assist you to rapidly reposition to each assault from new angles and, most significantly, keep away from harm. You can even use the platforms on the facet of the sector to your benefit.

Like many bosses in Future 2, Calus has two distinct phases, the primary of which has an immunity mechanic. You may must work together with this mechanic to make him susceptible to wreck, however even whenever you eat his first full well being bar, he’ll acquire one other one and preserve preventing with some new strikes this time.

Calus boss battle, first stage

In each phases of Calus, you will must handle swarms of weaker enemies (aka “attachments”) whereas dealing harm to the boss. Should you can take aside your Unique, we advocate bringing alongside one thing that may damage a single goal, together with a useful attachment elimination instrument like an SMG or Witherhoard grenade launcher. Gjallarhorn is beneficial for his fire-and-forget capacity, and his splash harm can take away some attachments whereas tearing Calus aside. The mighty Unique machine gun Thunderlord can do each roles, however you run the danger of getting hit by Calus’ pictures when firing, and ammo could be a problem. Should you’re overwhelmed by the additions, reposition the Strand and drop a grenade or rocket on them as you go.

Throughout the first section of the battle, Calus sometimes throws fireballs at you. Its conduct is basically like that of an outsized Taken Centurion, so you’ll be able to battle as if it is what you are up in opposition to. While you’ve completed sufficient harm to him, Tormenters spawn and protect him from harm till you kill them. While you knock them down, his protect is lifted so you’ll be able to proceed to wreck him.

How to defeat Calus in Destiny 2 Lightfall: Calus with a sword for melee attacks in the Lightfall campaign.

Calus boss battle, second stage

When you soften Calus’ first well being bar, you may assume the battle is over, however – as so typically in Future – it is only a purple herring. Calus will respawn with full well being, however will now pursue you with a sword, displaying comparable conduct to a Cabal Gladiator. Melee assaults are extraordinarily highly effective and you need to keep away from them in any respect prices. Once more, Strand clamps are your buddy. He sometimes places up a protect to guard himself, however that does not make him invincible – a robust weapon counters it, so deal with surviving, staying cell and dealing as a lot harm as potential.

Should you can survive lengthy sufficient and kill Calus earlier than he kills you, you’ll full the battle and reveal the tip of marketing campaign Lightfall. Congratulations! Here is YouTuber ZaFrostPet doing it on their own:

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Future 2 Calus data

Calus, as soon as the corrupt Emperor of the Cabal, was deposed by his rather more reclusive adopted son, Ghaul, and despatched into exile on the Leviathan, a huge residing spaceship. Leviathan was dragged to the sting of the galaxy, the place Calus first encountered the Darkish Fleet and the Witness in deep house. We first met Calus, a long-time nemesis of The Gentle, the place we slaughtered his robotic likeness within the Leviathan raid in Future 2’s base recreation. Since then, the Vanguard has joined forces along with his daughter, Empress Caiatl, and the Cabal, who remained loyal to him. Caiatl realizes that additional battle with humanity is futile as there are far higher threats shared by each species, and he additionally acknowledges that, because the Witness’s foremost Disciple and herald, his insane father is amongst them.

After defeating Calus, you will wish to learn about different improvements in Future 2 season 20, comparable to Future 2 Lightfall Exotics, or the newest info on Root of Darkness, the Future 2 Lightfall raid. With a lot to supply within the newest DLC, it is no shock that the favored multiplayer recreation not too long ago hit a brand new all-time Future 2 participant rely on Steam.

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